Boston Celtics agree to sign Darko Milicic to one-year deal


A Serbian center in shamrock splendor.

The have agreed to sign free-agent center to a one-year contract for the veteran’s minimum, . Sportando.net the agreement. 

Milicic after being released by the using the amnesty clause. He then cleared the amnesty bidding process with no bidders.

In Boston, Milicic will mostly be a foul-giver and a depth-provider. He joins a frontcourt that includes All-Star , , and rookies and . The Celtics also signed veteran center .

Milicic has been a punchline for seemingly his entire career, as he was drafted second in 2003 ahead of the likes of , and . He was, however, a favorite of Timberwolves president David Kahn, who memorably said in a 2010 television interview that Milicic was like “.”

Milicic, 27, averaged 4.6 points and 3.3 rebounds per game for the Timberwolves last season.

His nine-year NBA career has included stops with the , , , and the Timberwolves. He holds cing a top player in Danny Welbeck.The pair came through the ranks together at Manchester United and have now been reunited after Welbeck signed as a free agent.”He’s a top player,” said Cleverley. “We have not played together for four or five years bareer aversigned a deal to broadcast one live English Premier League match per week over the course of the 2019-22 rights cycle, reports SportBusiness.The FTA broadcaster agreed the deal with the EPL and the Infront agency, allowing it to show one match per maages of 6.0 points and 4.2 reBruun Larsen could be tempted to leave Borussia Dortmund this summer.The young Danish winger has been linked with Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool in the English press amid claims he can leave for €17m.While Bruun Larsen is just at the starbounds.


The reclamation of King James’ kingdom


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will appear on the , beginning his promotional tour as Champion and Finals MVP. It’s a standard run for anyone who holds both trophies, but for James it is significantly more. It’s the start of this next level in the rehabilitation of his image.

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To preface this, some people, and when I say some people, I mean some of you, will never stop disliking, even hating LeBron James. Some things burn too deep, some people are just not the forgiving types to anyone, let alone professional athletes. Burning your homestate franchise to the ground on national television, then proclaiming you would win multiple titles in a preseason introduction event complete with pyro, and then saying after you failed how everyone would have to go back to their little lives, well, those things are just not things you can come back from in the eyes of some people. James has buried himself too deep a hole for some, but then, the same is true for many modern athletes for various reasons, some fair, some not. Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, some of the most profile athletes of our time are highly controversial figure. That James has managed to reach such a divisive level given that he has broken no laws speaks to both our priorities and either our sense of empathy or the venom gland that lives within us all. So, no, winning a title will not chane strugglers ADO Den Haag, it has been revealed.AD reports today the former Crystal Palace and Newcastle United is set to be in the ADO Den Haag dugout for Sunday’s game at Ajax.The deal will run to the end of the season, with Pardew replacing Alfonsge anything for a lot of people. Certainly no one in Cleveland, and few in Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A. But make no mistake, there is a reclamation of James’ popularity taking place. He’s described hitting rock bottom and returning, and while James’ low-point was nothing more than “he had a bad series and felt really bad about himself,” it’s still a redemption story. We’re a sucker for that. The reclamation of James didn’t begin with his hands holding up the trophy. In truth, it began in Game 6 of the Boston series. That was the moment when the world was supposed to crush James. Writers had prepared the headlines. “Video: LeBron James misses clutch free throws in Game 6 choke job.””LeShame’s Championship dreams ruined by Boston, again.””LeBron Fails again.”Yeah, not so much. In the moment where he was supposed to validate every negative thing ever said about him, he instead became the mega-alpha he was always told to be. He ruined Boston. That series was oveague.The Giallorossi are preparing for the first leg of the last 16 in the Europa League against Sevilla.“The Europa League is an objective, just like the fourth place,” Totti told Il Messaggero. “It’s not easy, we all know it. If they manage toer at that point. James hitting jumpshots? What are you going to do? James stepping up didn’t earn him likeability points, but it did earn him respect. It got him back to about a negative two in a lot of people’s minds, versus the negative fifty he had been at up until that point since Game 6 vs. Dallas last year. Winning the series got him to a negative one. Winning the title validated him in a lot of people’s minds. All they ever wanted was for people, media, fans, whoever to stop proclaiming James as great till he won a title. Nevermind how good he was at basketball. Some people will never get over the rings argument. It’s too embedded in our culture. So now, he’s a different person around the world watched the Premier League title race between Manchester City and Liverpool, reports www.fcbusiness.co.ukThe exciting title race helped to deliver a 12% growth for Sky Sports’ audiences in the UK this season. Sky’s coverage drew 16 in our society. He’s a winner. He’s a champion. He can legitimately be called the best in his sport. And people will gravitate to that, find reasons to like that, find reasons to pull for that. We like greatness. We prefer greatness after struggle. James fulfills both requirements. So now the promotional tour begins, and you can expect the conversation to start shifting. His Q score will rise. The jersey sales both domestically and internationally will go up. If Nike’s right, they’ll pounce with a self-deprecating commercial that also validates him as a champion. And all of this will be the pay off of efforts throughout the year. James has reportedly been working with a new PR agent to rehabilitate his image since last year. He has taken on a different mindset, either personally, or to reporters. The columns on how he’s changed are wide-ranging, including CBSSports.com’s Ken Berger’s. Whether it’s authentic or not doesn’t matter, because the person everyone hated was equally authentic. It’s all about how he appears to be, because in fact, we’ll never know who he really is. He’s the person columnists want him to be. He’s the player fans want him to be. He’s the champion people clamor for. Welcome to the reign of King James, a kingdom of glory with a people being won over, even as some cling to the resentment of any who would call themselves Chosen.


Reports: Carlos Delfino agrees to three-year deal with Milwaukee


is headed back totheir Champions League round 16 tie.Barca earned a 1-1 draw at the San Paolo, but Gattuso insists they’re capable of winning at the Nou Camp.He said, “Naturally, qualification is wide open, we will have time to prepare for the second leg and know t Milwaukee. 

According to multiple reports, Delfino and the have agreed to a threeting down manager Mauricio Pochettino.Sherwood, who was replaced by the Argentine at the helm in 2014, insists the fault lies with the players whom he accused of lacking courage.He told talkSays United have slapped a £30million valuation on Chris Smalling – and won’t let him leave on loan in this window.United are also prepared to listen to last-day cash offers for Phil Jones and Marcus Rojo – with Everton interested in the versatilPORT: “I don’t blame the manager, I blame the players.“-year deal worth close to $10 million, with the last year being a team option.

Free agents can’t officially sign until July 10. 

Delfino played three seasons in Milwaukee from 2009-12 before spending last season with the . 

Delfino will help replace the outside shooting and production lost with ‘s signing with the . He’s a career 36.5 percent 3-point shooter and is known for his scrappy, aggressive style. 

Delfino, 30, averaged 10.6 points and 3.3 rebounds in 67 games for the Rockets last season.


Report: Bucks interested in Knicks’ J.R. Smith, Chris Copeland


The reportedly have interest in not one but two free agents as they continue their efforts to destroy any and all semblance of offensive efficiency. 

The Milwaukee Bucks have “strong” interest in the New York Knicks and also want to make an offer to his teammate , two league sources confirmed to ESPN.com. The Bucks will be entering free agency with their starting backcourt, and , testing free agency. But they also have leverage because they are under the cap, unlike the Knicks, and they can outbid for the services of Smith and Copeland.

vnai Emery has lauded Arsenal’s character after they came from behind twice to beat Aston Villa 3-2 at the Emirates on Sunday.John McGinn gave the visitors an unexpected lead in the first-half, who whandle any Tottenham jeers tonight.The Bundesliga champions are in London for Tuesday’s Champions League Group B clash with Spurs.Gnabry is no stranger to north London having played for Arsenal between 2012 and 2016.That might not lend itself to the ere soon ahead with men on the pitch after Ainsley Mia .

So, to review, the Bucks might let Jennings walk and could re-sign Ellis and sign Smith. They’re letting Jennings go, and he’s the efficient one of the bunch. Think about that for a second. 

Copeland’s a weird fit there, too. He has great energy, plays exceptionally hard and can stretch the floor. But the Bucks have ,  and . Is there really room on that roster for Copeland? They can play him at small forward, except they have and would give up too much perimeter speed. 

So, in general, none of this makes any sense, which is why it will probably happen, because this is the Bucks we’re talking about. All aboard the crazy train! 

Smith won Sixth Man of the Year honors this season after a blistering April to end his season following a three-and-a-half month stretch during which he shot roughly 40 percent. The Kers could even allow the struggling German to go out on loan just to get his £80,000-a-week salary off their wage bill.Manager Unai Emery has told Mustafi that he does not have a future at the Emirates and needs to restart his career with another clnicks were eliminated in the second round after Smith shot 54-of-163 in the postseason. 


VIDEO: Dwyane Wade kind of looked like Dwyane Wade again


Hey, who is that No. 3 guy for the ? They just trade for him? He looks pretty good. 

has been struggling and stumbling his way through the Eastern Conference finals against the  but is showing up early in Game 7 and looki on the radar of Tottenham and was expected to be moving to Spurs in January before the dismissal of Mauricio Pochettino.The midfielder’s situation is now in flux, though he could still land a move to the Premier League via Chelsea.Eze has impressed ng like the old Wade. Specifically with a vintage, galloping high-stepping fastbreak dunk around . Just beautiful. 

THAT guy isters.Pieters, 30, has signed a two-year deal with a further one-year option and has joined up with Sean Dyche’s squad on their pre-season training trip to Portugal.The vastly experienced Pieters spent six years in the Potteries, where he made over 15 Dwyane Wade. I rec deal.The midfielder penned a five-year contract on Saturday.Granovskaia said: “We see Ruben as an important part of the squad for many years to come and we are very pleased he also considers his future to be with Chelsea.”He is proof of the fantastiognize him now. 


Report: Lakers Kobe Bryant wants to win at least two more rings


guard is approaching the end of his career. He’s been in the 17 seasons, will be 35 when he plays his next game, and is rehabbing a torn Achillestendon injury that could either keep him fromhis season hasn’t been good enough.Young is the latest player to admit the former kings of English football have underachieved.He told United’s official website: “We haven’t managed to get ourselves in the top four.“We needed other teams to help playing in the 2013-14 season opener or possibly limit his play altogether when he does come back. It’s hard to know just how his body will respond to the hard work and the injury recovery. 

But don’t think that Kobe Bryant is even thinking about hanging it up any time soon. He’s intent on not only coming back at full strength or better from this Achilles injury, but he reportedly has his mind set on playing until he has won at least two more championships to put his career total at seven rings. :

Kobe Bryant set off a mild panic among Los Angeles Lakers fans Friday afternoon when he selected “The Last Chapter” as the slogan that best represents his comeback from a ruptured Achilles tendon.

“The Last Chapter” sas taken a new twist after his serious knee injury.The Mirror says City have spent the last 12 months trying to persuade Sane to sign a new long-term deal.And Bayern Munich used the stand-off to launch a summer-long attempt to unsettle the 23-year-olounds a lot like “The Last Stand,” the quote Phil Jackson gave when he decided to return for his final season with the Lakers in 2010-11 and seemed to imply Bryant was thinking of retiring after next season.

Far from it, a source told ESPNLosAngeles.com on Friday.

Bryant wants to be “back next season with a vengeance,” the source said. And he wants “two more cracks at it to win seven NBA titles at least.”

Now I wonder why he would want to get past six championship rings.

Assuming he doesn’t have any major setbacks or limitations from the injury, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Bryant will pass Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. He needs only 676 points to pass Jordan and move into third on the all-time scoring list. Even if Kobe played just half the season in 2013-14, he’d have to average only 16.5 points per game to get past Jordan. If he can pass Jordan on the all-time scoring list and with the number of championship rings, it would be a great feather in Kobe’s cap.

Unfortunately, the Lakers appear to be a mess right now. You don’t know what you’re going to get next season from Kobe Bryant, , or even . might leave the team in free agency and leave them a giant hole in the middle of their defense. The coaching situation last season was a mess, although a full training camp and preseason could correct a lot of wrongs with the coaching and system issues. And they do Danny Welbeck is out for the next few months.The former Manchester United and Arsenal attacker suffered a hamstring problem in their 1-1 draw with Tottenham.He was only seven games into his return to the first team from ankle issues.Unfortunately, hn’t have much flexibility within the roster to add some much-needed depth. 

I wonder how Jordan feels about the idea of this Lakers team pushing Kobe past his six titles.


LeBron James is headed to jury duty


LeBron wasn’t needed today, sent home, . Good times! He has to deal with the annoyances like the rest of us! 


You can consider jury duty part of the social contract, and an important one. If called upon, you need to show up, represent your fellow man, wait long hours, and eventunked with Genoa.Aurelio Andreazzoli is fighting for his job today and is expected to be shown the door by Genoa this week.Genoa president Enrico Preziosi has been in contact with Motta, who left the PSG front office last summer, as a potential replacally possibly use your judgment to decide a case in a court of law. We’re all bound by this same agreement. 

Even MVP superstars like the ‘s . week.He wrote for the Express & Star: “We will be celebrating the 130th anniversary of Molineux as we face the Blues, and it would be great for the party atmosphere to last long into the night on the back of a first Premier League win of the sea 

James sent this photo . 

The caption reads: “Jury duty time. Time to serve my civic duty”

So apparently the man is going in to do the work as . James is set to serve in Akron this week, . Good for him. But I kind of feel for him. This is going to be an incredibly annoying day. Do you realize how many people are going to want his autograph? It’s not like you or me, where we can just go and play with our phones or read a book. He’s pretty much going to be constantly beseiged, let alone if he actually winds up on a jury. 

Now granted, this is all channel in the country, reports SportBusiness.The channel’s coverage includes highlights packages from each match week comprising the best goals and plays, classic matches, ongoing original digital series The Movement and punditry show Matchday Cent part of the unwritten social contract he agreed to when he became NBA superstar LeBron James and the perks are beyond the imagination. But this isn’t him going out for dinner or even running an errand or going to a club. He’s compelled to do this by the state. Just an interesting little exercise in how famous people operate differently within the social contract. 

Related: I like how he’s dressed like a cell phone salesman for the day. That just adds to it. Average Joe, LeBron James! 


has been an impressa winger Ferran Torres.The Ars


The Celtics waived guard prior to his 2013-14 contract becnted winger has been an impressa winger Ferran Torres.The Arsenal-Leicester-join-list-clubs-keeping-eye-Valencia-winger-Ferran-Torres.html”>Daily MailArsenal-Leicester-join-list-clubs-keeping-eye-Valencia-winger-Ferran-Torres.html”> says Torres, 19, is attracting admiring glances ive edition to Eddie Howe’s squad, adding three Premier League goals to his name in six appearances this season.He believes everyone at the club has helped to make him feel welcome, which has aided his acclimatisation.”oming guaranteed Sunday. Willliams was due a $200,000 roster bonus by July 1, and is now a free agent. Williams is currently under investigation for second-degree assault stemming hit the ground running for Southampton last season.The striker made his loan move from Liverpool permanent this summer.And Ings feels excited for the season with a solid preseason under his belt.Speaking to the Daily Echo, Ings said: “I think it wasfrom an offseason incident, but no files have been charged.


76ers guard believes he will be back in Philadel


Despite being linked to numerous trade rumors over the past few weeks, 76ers guard believes he will be back in Philadelphia next season. “Not to be arrogant or cocky, but my name comes up, I believe, because of trade value in that situation,” Turner told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Regardless of whether I get heat for certain situations or certain bad nightagers Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes and Tahith Chong all started in Thursday’s 1-0 win over Europa League, with the former nabbing the winning goal.And Solskjaer isn’t afraid to use them again in next week’s Carabao Cup clash.”We wouldn’t throw them is Benfica are ready to sell Andrija Zivkovic today.O Jogo says Benfica will push to sell the Serb to an English club.Zivkovic’s contract carries a €60m, though he’ll be allowed to leave for less than half that price.The winger has been a long-term target for Newcastle United.However, it’s understood Wolves and Watford are also keen.and stuff, I still think I’m a valuable playebaut Courtois was delighted with his performance for their Champions League defeat of Galatasaray.Real won 1-0 thanks to Toni Kroos’ goal, with Courtois making three exceptional saves.Courtois said, “Tonight’s was an important match, we had to win tor in this league.”


Jason Kidd’s lasting legacy is a constantly evolving greatness


Most NBA players who play over 10 seasons improve, often in dramatic, noticeable ways. They add a post game to create their own shot. They expand their range. They become better rebounders, defenders, etc. But few, only the truly great, really evolve as time goes on. 

may have evolved more than any player in history through his 19 seasons in the league. Kidd of 40.

Kidd entered the league as a firebug, the deft-passing, showy point guard who made passes that wound up on highlight shows. When I was an adolescent my friends and I would try the next day to mimick passes Kidd made. They were so articulate, like calligraphy, it felt like they almost had to be scripted. 

In New Jersey, Kidd evolved to whlgert has urged Max Meyer to consider his future at Crystal Palace.Elgert helped Meyer develop as a young player with S04 and is sorry seeing the midfielder struggle for match action at Selhurst Park.And with the January transfer window looming, he hat would be the apex of his career, an MVP-caliber player. In 2002-03, he averaged out 18.7 points, 8.9 assists and 6.3 rebounds per game with a PER of 22.2. He was startlingly, shockingly good. 

His evolution from Phoenix (and Dallas) to New Jersey was one from a pure point to a playmaker scoring point guard. It was the nexus of his career, and it pushed the to the NBA Finals. Not being able to tackle Kobe and Shaq’s Lakers shouldn’t diminish what Kidd was then, which was incredible. He controlled the game the way few point guards have ever. His numbers don’t leap off the page, but do not get confused. For several years in the early 2000s, Kidd was among the top three players in basketball. 

But as is always the case, players get older, legs lose their burst, and a player’s skills erode. The Kidd who landed in Dallas was remarkably different. But it was not a shell of Kidd, just a different version. Kidd morphed once again, becoming the floor general and game manager the needed. There were problems early on with the spacing, but once Kidd had a ful “locked himself” into the centre-forward position at Goodison Park.The Toffees reportedly are after a striker after Calvert-Lewin and Cenk Tosun combined for just ten goals this season.But Ferguson is adamant Calvert-Lewin is ready to become Marco Sl season with the Mavericks, he fit in well. Then, with the addition of the veteran pieces that made up the 2010-11 team, Kidd finally earned his championship. He was not a bit player on that team, even if he wasn’t the star. 

He had morphed into a player who could spread the floor, becoming the best spot-up shooter he had been in his career for a team that needed to knock down 3s. He was still a defensive presence, getting up under players and attacking them high and low. He was savvy and smart, the veteran who could make the right plays.

For New York, in his last season, he was Andrea Pirlo is being lined up for a return to Juventus.La Stampa says the former midfielder is set to take charge of Juve’s U23 team, which now competes in Serie C.He will succeed current Juve B coach Fabio Pecchia.The post will mark Pirlo’s first coaching position since hanging up his boots after a spell in MLS with New York City FC.With Juve, Pirlo won four Scudetti.an auxilliary component, the guy (often the only one) who would make the extra pass. He was smart and tough, even if time had taken away everything else.

Comparing players across eras is different. But Kidd is a whole other problem. You can’t compare Jason Kidd’s career to anyone else’s because Kidd was a different player from team to team, year to year, evolution to evolution. The only thing consistent with this hardwood maestro was that he won. Over and over again.

Kidd is reportedly interested in coaching. In the Darwinian NBA model, Jason Kidd is immortal. He’s always evolving ahead of the pack.